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Children as Teachers of Peace Permission Form

Aloha Parents and Guardians,
If you would like your child’s drawing or quote to have a chance at being published in a book called “Children as Teachers of Peace and Aloha” please give your permission on this form. All children 12 years and younger are invited to participate in a project for the 2019 Gandhi Peace Event hosted by the Gandhi International Institute for Peace. This is a special year because we are celebrating the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. It will be held in Honolulu on October 5, 2019 at the Honolulu Zoo in front of the Gandhi statue.
With your permission, the art and writing of your children may be included in a book entitled “Children as Teachers of Peace and Aloha.” The books are intended to be available at the event and to the public in print and digital form. It may be sold as a fund raiser for the non-profit organizations, Hawaii Center for Attitudinal Healing, and other organizations promoting Peace such as Gandhi International Institute for Peace, and the Knights of Service. Funds will be used to help children affected by war and poverty, to support the 150th Gandhi Celebration in Honolulu, and to cover printing costs for the book. By showcasing your children’s’ beautiful art and ideas with the public in this book, we will help our keiki achieve their dream of actually being “Teachers of Peace and Aloha” and SPREADING WORLD PEACE!
Of course, we will only share the children’s work with your express written permission. Please sign below and follow the instructions on how to upload your child’s expression of peace and aloha.
Trish Ellis, Executive Director
Hawaii Center for Attitudinal Healing

Children as Teachers of Peace Permission Form

I, the undersigned parent/guardian agree that Hawaii Center for Attitudinal Healing (a 501c3 non-profit organization) HAS permission to share and publish my child’s artwork and writings about Peace and Aloha in the book entitled “Children as Teachers of Peace and Aloha.” (or similar title) and in similar publications in this series promoting peace. I understand that this permission is in consideration for the opportunity of publishing the art work in the book, and if it comes to fruition, will be made available to the public as well as online, as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations, and the art work may be used in promoting the book and world peace.

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